Business Profile – Baker Boyz by Jabir and Josephine

The enterprise we are working with is called Baker Boyz, it produces and distributes a local Ghanaian beverage called . It is made will 100% natural ingredients, Fante Kenkey, sugar and milk and is high in carbohydrates and is a heavy and healthy snack.

It began as a hobby but during the latter stages of 2014 the CEO (Mr. Nathaniel Ajei) realised there was potential for high growth within the drinks market. The enterprise prides itself on customer feedback and ensuring a high quality of product consistently, because of this the market that it has been targeting which are students mainly hold the enterprise in high esteem and know that the product is of high quality and that has an active use of their feedback.

There are many aspects of the enterprise which make it stand out from the crowd, for example the simple yet eye catching labelling; it is bright with a recognizable brand name.


The CEO who is the driving force behind this product epitomises the enterprise as he is a creative, knowledgeable, passionate and determined individual which embodies the enterprise in regards to the fact the product is always improving, always looking for ways it can penetrate different markets and the enterprise knows where it can have a positive impact. The fact the product has the highest market share of on a large university campus goes to show the CEO knew how to strategically take over such an important target area.

The enterprise faces many challenges but none of which it can’t overcome with perseverance, for example the enterprise doesn’t have any business van and the CEO has been using his personal car to transport the goods which has stopped any means of expanding once the Campus had been dominated. Another issue is getting FDA certification which all food and drink products need in order for supermarkets and retailers to start selling the product, also issues with a lack of financial records were a major issue as the CEO didn’t have a clear understanding as to whether the business was at a profit/loss, this lead to a cease in production during our cycle as he needed to understand how much he is investing in to the business. In terms of the CEO he is more than willing to learn and change and take on new ideas as he understands this business can be life changing. In regards to this the recommendations we gave were:

  • Keep an up to date and detailed record of financial records

  • Create a social media portfolio. (No social media pages were made due to the fact the enterprise may not be able to deliver to areas due to transportation issues)

  • Improve and maintain a strong organizational structure

    • During our cycle the CEO was the only full time employee and even though he had other people working under him they had other jobs so they were time constrained and couldn’t give 100% to the enterprise.
  • Expand the target areas

    • The CEO already had some ideas in mind as to where he wanted to expand but once again due to transportation and financial issues decided it wasn’t the right time, but came to the conclusion himself that the enterprise needed to start targeting other areas.

If these issues are addressed, then it has an excellent opportunity of becoming a household name and so much more. It is also an excellent place to work and lots can be learnt from the CEO and he will allow you to contribute creative and new ideas as long as sufficient research and effort has been put into the idea. We had an amazing time being a part of Baker Boyz and I’m sure you will too, all the best guys.

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