When I was told that I was going to write about value chain, I thought I know nothing about about this, what will I write? Then I began to research and gain insights about the exchange of value; the concept transformed my pattern of thinking and I was amazed.

Having been placed at Yatu Foods with Challenges Worldwide, I started to place the missing figures together of the kind of value Yatu was selling to its clients. I looked at the activities that Yatu performed in order to deliver a memorable product to its consumers. A product like Yatu tea passes through a chain of activists and gives the tea a more added value.

The tea process starts at a tea plantation located in the Northern part of Zambia called Kawambwa.

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It’s grown by local farmers who exchange their tea for money which supports their families and encourages the continuity of the plantation. The tea is later brought into the factory where the female employees assigned to pack do their job with extreme excitement. It’s amazing how much these women are so diligent at the work which is put up to them, I think it’s the mandate society has placed on women in Zambia. Women have become the breadwinners for their families and this alone has empowered women to do more. In the long run the dependency on men will be completely eradicated, and women will be in charge more. Yatu has quickly recognized this fact and now most of the employees are women, not only in production but also in managerial positions.

After the tea has been packed, it’s handed over to the stores department and waits being sold

The tea is sold to retailers like Shoprite and Pick n’ Pay who pass it on to the consumer. Yatu is the cheapest tea on the supermarket shelves in the country of Zambia; it affordability gives the chance to every home to have tea at breakfast time. It has mastered the skill of selling a quality tea in the most effective way. Every Zambian has the opportunity to acquire the commodity. This increases Yatu’s value, as they have identified the cost of living for many Zambian people and want all to have a taste of Yatu tea.


My experience through research of value chain has taught me the importance and the dependence of the coil that makes up a value chain

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The value chain frame work is a powerful analysis tool for strategic planning, for this system has connected the value of the supplier, the company itself, distribution channels, buyers and the consumer, therefore capturing the value generated along the chain and enhancing it to create proper growth planning for any company.

I have learnt a lot from my placement and from my fellow volunteers, as I have experienced the value chain among us all. We are connected and are there to pitch in whenever it is needed. Value is something held with regard and is a relationship cherished. Value can have a monetary figure attached to it, is a high regard of a decision and has ability to see greatness; the list is endless. If every company had this in mind they would create and sustain superior performance.



I believe that highlighting the importance of a value chain will accelerate the operations of a company like Yatu Foods

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It’s not too late to create a good value chain system; once you acknowledge its importance and relevance it will produce extraordinary results. For Yatu, this is just the beginning – I have seen the progress they are making and their potential to be the best processing company in Zambia.


I am impressed  that Yatu have not left out society in their growing business

I’m happy to see the consistent support of women groups, NGOs, government offices and even local chiefs in the area. This is as a result of their genuine love for people and their belief in giving back to society as it’s the people who ensure your continuity. A value chain system does not only work for people in business, but even in our relations with family, friends, colleagues, strangers and so on. We ought to value every encounter with the human race, make an effort to smile to people and show love. It’s worth it!



  1. I found this tea at the store, at a very cheap price and quite frankly it has exceeded my expectations. Nice work Grace

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