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Challenges 7 Key Principles to which all volunteers had to meet in order to join the programme both from Ghana and the UK.




1) Commitment to Learning
2) Flexibility and Adaptability
3) Positive and Realistic Commitment
4) Practical Problem Solving Ability
5) Self-Assurance
6) Sensitivity to the needs of others
7) Working with others



I think it’s fairly obvious that if these are the assessment criteria, you will end up with a group of very driven and talented individuals. I don’t say this to boost but I’ve already met many clever amazing individuals and I have just noticed that everyone here seems very driven and wants to change the world in one way or another.
On this basis, I would like to suggest that Challenges (and other ICS programmes) acts as a pipeline and uses this single goal of shared ambition to train us as volunteers and use and develop our skills to encourage economic empowerment here in Ghana and other countries to. Furthermore during our placement we have the mantra “Action at Home” drilled into us so it is more than likely that the majority of people on the programme will go out and do further development work regardless of the sector.

I think I speak for all UK volunteers when I say Ghana is super cool (not in terms of temperature however!).

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