Having traveled wearily for long hours, with exhaustion smeared all over my face, I managed to locate the University Alumni Centre for the first day of  Pre-Placement Training. It seemed a rather daunting task to relay our obvious stress for another roller coaster of talks and speeches yet everyone seemed composed and prepared for the day ahead.

However, we couldn’t commence as scheduled as some of my fellow volunteers were delayed. These delays were to be expected as people had travelled from all over the country to Accra for an amazing experience, one that could imprint lasting memories of their minds.   Although worn out by travel, our enthusiasm and drive(illustrated by the lovely smiles)seemed unfazed, as we welcomed each other with warmth and hugs.  These young people were lively, motivated, brilliant, and passionate about causing change in their worlds. After moments of informal introductions, each and everyone was already acquainted. Some of us had already familiarised ourselves on assessment day and it was obvious the family of In-Country Volunteers (ICVs) was complete. The second day would suitably be less stressful, I hoped.

Pre-placement training had officially began and it was fully packed. Volunteers were again introduced to the aims of the programme and taught handy skills the programme would require. The synergy of thoughts, exuberance, excitement and passion with which everyone spoke and expressed themselves exhibited how poised we all were to fully dedicate our time and abilities to empowering businesses. With the Challenges Worldwide ICS programme, the rippling effect of twelve weeks of work can be huge. Not only is the volunteer productive in scalable and sustainable business change, but also engaged in debates, discussions, and eye-opening talks aimed at instigating them to play a significant role in his democratic, social , environmental and economic dispensations; thus, becoming an active citizen of society.


The UK Volunteers would eventually arrive on Tuesday in their smart Challenges Worldwide Shirt’s, all jaded from a sleepless travel to Ghana. Most of them were first visitors to Africa and their discomfort under the harshness of the Sub-Saharan weather could not be hidden. They would hopefully appreciate the tans while they dealt with the burns. But ultimately, they would have their cake and eat it, because Ghana had definitely more to offer than Andrew’s super fried skin (no offence counterpart but decorated honesty is a requirement here.

Their first treat would be a spicy delicacy that would suddenly water their fears. Of course, and our hospitability and respect, except those humorous times when Nadim (one of the team leaders from the UK) tries to hopelessly eat with his hands. All the sauce would drain through his fingers before a lump of ‘banku’ gets near his mouth.

The UK Volunteers’ arrival was the peak of the night. Treated to highly spirited chants and tunes, they were thrilled by our special ‘Gyama’ welcome. They would babble nothing in particular full of joy and cheer with us. It was a lovely and memorable night.

To any interested readers, your chance to be part of this awesome experience is just another cycle away. If you really want to cause change in an atmosphere where everyone is inspired for greatness, then Challenges Worldwide is where you should be.



To apply to volunteer on the Challenges Worldwide ICS programme, which operates in Ghana, Uganda and Zambia, please visit

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