Guest Series 1/2: Kampala State of Mind

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Hip Hop Storybook

| First of the series of two posts written by Jocelyn Daloz, a Swiss rapper, a founding member of YAEP! Young Artists Exchange Project and a bachelor of International Relations commencing his master’s studies in history at the Graduate Institute in Geneva  |

Jocelyn Daloz, April 29th 2016

I came home in May from my second trip to Kampala, Uganda. Last time, in 2013, I think I was too overwhelmed by my experience to be able to reflect on it. But now, three years later, I feel with a lot of clarity how I experienced Uganda. And I also feel that I should share this, for whatever it’s worth.


I first went to Uganda in 2013. My friend Johannes Küng, with whom I have been doing hip hop music since 2010, volunteered in an orphanage there in 2011. In 2012, when he went to visit the institution again, he…

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