The “Missing Middle”

Challenges Worldwide ICS volunteer Mas has some wise observations of the state of the Ghanaian economy and the pressure being put on SME’s.

Mas Sule

Isn’t it remarkable that one part of the economic cog is publicly credited with so much potential yet seems deprived of many of the opportunities that will enable it realise that potential? That is precisely the circumstances of SMEs.

Anytime and anywhere in the world, when the spotlight is turned on this rather large group of diverse economic players, very interesting patterns emerge. Decision-makers in governments, policy makers and implementers, international development agencies, including bilateral and multilateral organisations, multinational companies whose value chains are littered with many SMEs, bankers, insurers, etc. have all mounted the podium around the world at different times and spoken of potential, successes, failures and challenges of SMEs.

They have also spoken of the good experiences and the frustrations of entities that have conducted business with SMEs. A common theme that is consistently echoed, however, is the firm belief that, for most economies, SMEs represent sprawling…

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