My Challenges Worldwide-ICS Journey

Mas Sule

It was a quarter past two when i arrived at Haatso Suma Court. Proir to that i took a trotro to cirle, another from cirle to atomic junction and finally a taxi from atomic junction to my destination. On my arrival i noticed some few faces i had seen during the assesment day at legon, but most of the volunteers i just met for the first time. They were mostly friendly, some like myself were a bit reserved, that was the first time we are meeting each other. But it all got lively and interactive during training session after we move to the conference room. We met Zac (The Country’s Programme Manager, Challenges Worldwide-ICS), The Country’s Coordinator (Josua) again and our teamleaders; Emmy, Lydzey, Ruth and Albert for the first time.

Arrival Day at Suma Court Hotel

After a week of in country training for all volunteers (both UKV’s and…

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