An Amazing Volunteer Journey; Brian Chishala

My name is Brian Chishala. I am 26 years old and from Zambia. I have always dreamed of working with young people from a culture other than mine and Challenges Worldwide happens to be the answer to my call. Challenges Worldwide has brought us together as young men and women who are energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about helping small and medium businesses in Zambia grow into big businesses. The knowledge and inspiration I acquired in the first week of our training strongly motivated me to act as a responsible youth during my work placement.

picture for brians blog

It is worth mentioning that the leadership and management skills I am acquiring through CMI (Chartered Management Institute) training  have enabled me to realise my potential as a Business Support Associate, by going public to help tackle some of the difficulties businesses are facing in Zambia. I’m truthfully enjoying working with Sunnymoney Zambia a social enterprise dealing in the distribution of solar powered lights. Seated next to Edward Lowe my home counterpart in Aunt Gertrude’s house or better still Mama G’s house our beautiful and intelligent host mother, I can safely say that, through Challenges Worldwide I have learnt how to manage myself into fitting in any environment. To put it simply, if you can make it at Challenges Worldwide you can definitely make it anywhere in the world.

As a Business Support Associate and volunteer under Challenge Worldwide ICS (International Citizen Service), I strongly believe that the cornerstone for sustainable empowerment of any country hinges mainly upon knowledge improvement and skills development. This means that lack of empowerment of youths increases delinquency in any country. Therefore, Challenges Worldwide has been the global leader in engaging and supporting young people to make a strong impact and contribute to the improvement of people’s lives. Actively participating in ICS has helped me to realise my potential as a leader for young people. I have come to note that many young people have no one to help them develop decision making skills and problems solving skills, I’m convinced beyond any reasonable or unreasonable doubt that ICS is doing good work for young people.

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I strongly share the sentiment that young people today in my country are viewed by adults as not serious and lazy therefore they have dedicated very little time to them. More often than not adults speak on behalf of young people without understanding what youths themselves think about issues affecting them.


Joining a vibrant organisation such as Challenges Worldwide Zambia has helped me to effectively contribute and also learn from other young people on issues related to development.

I strongly believe that the time to invest in young people to harness the demographic dividend in Zambian is now and I want to be part and parcel of that investment in young people through a highly effective and determined organisation such as Challenges Worldwide.


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