Written by Sanne

Before heading to Uganda I expected to be eating a lot of rice, vegetables and fruit. One thing was right. Rice. A lot of it. Delicious moist Basmati rice, prepared often with finely cut tomato and onion. Fruit, yes. Bananas and Matooke (Green Bananas). Often we eat bananas for breakfast, with bread or with Chapati (wheat flower pancake, made with spring onion and carrot). For Lunch and dinner the dishes are quite similar to each other. Usually a combination of: rice, pumpkin, mashed Matooke, spagetti, beans, Irish Potato, cabbage salad, avocado ground nut sauce (the pink sauce on the Matooke, which has a similar taste to Indonesian peanut sauce). Meat that accompanies the carb rich meals is usually fried or cooked beef or chicken. Funny enough, avocados just grow everywhere. Large avocados. And to my great surprise chicken is more expensive than beef in Uganda.


I have to admit that I might buy a mango now and then on the way to places, just to fill up on a different kind of fruit then the common banana.

To stay hydrated I drink litres and litres of water, and Chai Masala (Teabag in a mug, topped up with hot cow milk and masala powder). Add about 2 big spoons of sugar to that if you are Ugandan!

Sanne writes for her own website as well as for Challenges Worldwide followers.  We will be updating you here about all of her experiences leading the Challenges Worldwide ICS team in Uganda. If you would like to know more about Sanne please visit her website.





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