These couple of days we have used to acclimatise a bit, to learn about the programme and to visit some of the Host Homes and Businesses that we will be working with. This took us to some incredible parts of Kampala. I love how varied, lively and green this city is.  And busy!kampala-1-1


Topica we discussed with our fellow In-Country Team Leaders included slums and the elections. I wil soon write a blog post on both. It is really nice to have a Ugandan Counterpart, it is great that we can just ask them anything. Even after a few days I feel like I have known them for months!IMG_1467

Our biggest challenge was to match the volunteers with their host-homes and businesses. We pinned the locations on a map and wrote all the names of the businesses and volunteers on pieces of paper so that we could move them around and pin them all to a Yoga mat, where else? On the photo on the right you can see us in action.

Sanne writes for her own website as well as for Challenges Worldwide followers, We will be updating you here about all of her experiences leading the Challenges Worldwide ICS team in Uganda, but if you would like to know more about Sanne please visit her website.


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