Home Sweet Home

Written By Sanne

Hours after our arrival at Entebbe Airport, Challenges Worldwide had arranged to drop Donia and I off at our new home. For convenience, the four Team Leaders were to share a home, and so we were well aware and so happy that we were about to meet the two In-Country Team leaders. We were welcomed by the home owner Sham (who also happens to run a bar/restaurant called ‘Terracotta” at the property),

Project Coordinator Marcel, and Eddie & Aubry, our Ugandan counterpart. Musula Mutya![how are you all?]. Bulungi [good],Webaale [thank you].

Photo left to right: Donia, Aubry and Eddie. IMG_1370

Both Marcel and Eddie had worked with Challenges Worldwide before, as volunteers, whereas Aubry immediately went for the Team Leader position, so brave. I have to admit I felt a bit strange arriving without luggage. I felt like I needed a shower and get into some clean clothes,  but as there was no running water, that was not an option anyway. Luckily I had with me a clean pair of underwear and an extra ICS – Challenges Worldwide T-shirt. What else do you need?! Well…. I have to admit that I was VERY happy when my luggage arrived the next day evening.

I am also happy to share that I have learned to wash my hair with water from a jerry-can, but I am also rather pleased  that the water system is working now.

Below you can find some photos of our new home for the coming 3 months. It is a convenient and rather smart looking unit. Cannot believe I may call this home.  En Suula Bulungi! [Good night!].

Sanne writes for her own website as well as for Challenges Worldwide followers. We will be updating you here about all of her experiences leading the Challenges Worldwide ICS team in Uganda but if you would like to know more about Sanne please visit her website.


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