Chimuka Peter Hachoona

Just as the old adage “No man is an Island” so is the global landscape. Zambia like many other countries in the world belongs to an economical village better known as a “GLOBAL VILLAGE” because we all need to share resources. The global landscape is full of unlimited needs and wants hence the status call to fully utilize and manage our scarce resources for sustainability. In respect of this, it goes without mention the huge role that Small medium enterprises (SMEs) play in the lives and sustainability of economies across the globe. In a developing country like Zambia with high poverty levels, unemployment and economic challenges it is a daunting strife to make ends meet for an ordinary Zambian with the high cost of living hence the general call for people to engage more in entrepreneurship and skills training to reduce the over reliance on government and the few private players for employment. SMEs world-over are the back-bone of the economy and it is from this background that entrepreneurship plays a pivotal role in uplifting the lives of many. entrepreneurship by definition is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.

SMEs in Zambia generally lack skilled labour in areas such as finance management, operations management, Business analysis, Marketing and Sales which hampers their growth and progression to become large enterprises. This is a major problem for SMEs but thanks to initiatives and programmes such as the ICSE a partner with DFID that facilitates and provides volunteers from various professional backgrounds to help as Business Consultants and are placed in various SMEs in Zambia to help in daily operations as well as provide a consultancy service in areas such as marketing, operations, finance and management in the identified SMEs.

Our experience as ICSE Consultants has been an overwhelming and great experience thus far which has not only enabled us to improve and help the SMEs but also provided an avenue for us to interact with Business owners and influential players in the entrepreneurship realm.

ICSE Members in their SME placements:

Chimuka and Abi at Dotcom Zambia-Imports Office
Imogen and Milupi at Dotcom Zambia- Book now Office
Nchimunya Hazyondo and Olivia Mcquillan at UNESA


The team at EPA (Entry Point Africa)
Ellie Staunton and Naomi Kafwimbi at Sylva Food Solutions
Matanana Mulavu and Christina Cameron from Java Foods during our Mid-phase Review Presentations
Staff members at the Green Shop Cafe where two of our ICSE Members Operate from- Christable Mulenga and Marte Kvam eide
Andrew Travers and Winston Nkonde at chiumya and Folotiya Law Firm


Musika is where two of the ICSE Consultants operate from: Chanda Kanyanta and Sam Woodcock

Some of the Great and Innovative Business Minds driving Zambia’s entrepreneurship agenda and with Whom ICSE Members were working with.

12189777_10156225216585305_1171389172540993303_nDotcom Zambia CEO (c) With Zambia’s minister of Youths and Sports Hon. Vincent Mwale (R) and Investor from Kukula Capital (L).

Harvard Business School Best e-venture 2015.jpgt

Mawano Kambeu Speaking Before the Award From Harvard Business School for the Best E-venture_2015

Monica musonda founderand CEO of java foods.png

Monica Musonda Founder and CEO of Java Foods

Maybin Mudenda African grey insurance

Maybin Mudenda Founder and Owner of African gray Insurance Company LTD

mr and mrs banda owners of sylva foods.jpg

Mr and Mrs Banda, Founders and Owners of Sylva Foods, Sylva University and Sylva Catering.

With such great minds inspiring tomorrow’s breed of entrepreneurs, it goes without saying the enormous impact they have had in uplifting lives and general development of the nation.

To the youths and to all, Lets challenge ourselves to change the world”.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation are the keys to self sustainability and general development of any community_Anonymous

Opportunities may not always come in handy but one must create them in order to achieve their desired goals_There is no limit to success- Chimuka ZM


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