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       “The power to achieve and sustainability lies in innovation”- (Chimuka, ZM)

Chimuka and Abi at Imports
Imogen and Milupi at Bus Tickets

Dotcom Zambia, founded in 2009, was the pioneer company championing e-commerce in Zambia. Today it has grown to include an online platform for personal shopping and shipping from the U.K. and U.S.A. known as Import Zambia. The company’s founder, Mawano Kambeu, has big plans for the business’s expansion aiming to be the best e-commerce company in Zambia and break into exports to offer a new platform for Zambian businesses to sell their goods abroad. Another platform that was recently setup with the aim of providing a hustle-free ticket booking service is Book-Now Zambia which enables the general public to book and pay for their inter-city Bus tickets at their convenience. This can be done either via the online platform or reserved through our newly established call-centre and also through our sales partners such as PostdotNet Zambia. Welcome to the Dot Com Zambia group of companies where you can shop for anything you want online from local (Zambian) and international retailers. This ranges from bus tickets to popular goods purchased from websites like and eBay, as well as fulfillment and shipping services for your online orders.

Dotcom Zambia is the workplace for four of our hardworking ICSE-volunteers working together in two different office stations which are: Import Zambia and Book-Now Zambia. Two of the four colleagues i.e. Abi and Chimuka operate from the Import side of Dotcom while Imogen and Milupi work from the Book-Now office. Our key achievements so far have included a detailed competitor analysis highlighting key competitors and a full business diagnostic and analysis. Currently we are implementing new market penetration strategies to make sure we offer a unique service. This has led to the inception of Zambia’s first ever 10% student discount promotion centered towards the student populous by focusing on offering a better and cheaper service to the students of Zambia with regards to online-shopping. We have been heavily involved in the creation of marketing material, for day to day use and especially now looking forward to the holiday season with promotional campaigns and customer appreciation strategies on both the Import and Book-now services. Our next steps will involve working with our already identified brand ambassadors to help promote and market both fronts of Dotcom services, create customer feedback forms either online or in our offices and carry out extensive consumer surveys to update both Import’s and Book-Now’s consumer research and make sure they provide a better customer-service centered operation. We are also taking the lead with the team working on the logistics of the expansion to export which is a mid to long term goal for the company. We hope to leave Dotcom Zambia with a more streamlined operation in place, an efficient and effective customer feedback platform, detailed marketing plan and budget recommendations as well as a good strategy in place for the expansion to export. We believe in e-commerce and the positive effect it can have on Zambia’s economy and it will be exciting to see how Dotcom Zambia progresses to be at the forefront of this movement.

ICT and the Internet in 5 years can do more for the Zambian economy and its development, to touch the lives of people and solve the challenges Zambia faces than 50 years of AID”_Dr. Dennis Mwansa (DotcomZambia, Board Chairman)



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