UNESA Case Study

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University of East and Southern Africa is located in Long Acres along Alick Nkata Rd. The university is set to open in January 2016 and aims to be an outstanding institution in offering quality education that seeks to develop the skills and abilities of its students to the fullest potential intellectually, ethically and professionally so that they are able to make the fullest contribution to society in their respective areas of service.

The work that is currently being done so far is submissions for the university’s accreditation.  We have helped make a summary of the operational plan of the university which is a key essential for accreditation. We have also helped in the facilitation of the institutions legal compliance in fire and occupancy certification by the local city council.

After the university is accredited we intend to conduct a competitive market research in private institutions that offer business courses as those that UNESA seeks to offer. Further on, we also intend to come up with a detailed marketing plan, monitoring and evaluation plan, fire and safety operations manual for the institution. We will also actively participate with the initial set up of the institution facilities. Lastly we will come up with both short and long term recommendations for the instruction.


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