EPA Case Study

”I’m working for Entry Point Africa on a trade and investment summit planned for Washington DC next July; securing investment for Zambian entrepreneurs and helping them penetrate the US market.” (Ricky, UK)

The team at EPA
The team at EPA

Entry point Africa is a small consultancy firm that is the workplace of four of our (finest) volunteers; working predominantly on two different projects.

Naomi and Ricky are working on a global trade and investment summit, planned for Washington DC in July of 2016. This is aimed at encouraging investment, global business partnerships and helping Zambian businesses break into the US marketplace. This has involved them doing market research, budget forecasting and engaging with sponsors and participating SME’s.

Kasonde and Ralph are working on a business plan for implementing a new bio control in Zambia, called Aflasafe. Aflasafe is an aflatoxin control measure that they hope to spread throughout Zambia by incentivising farmers. Therefore reducing the harmful impact of Aflatoxin, which can be found in maize.


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