Sustainable Development Goals

By Faustina Musopelo

In the recent past, efforts from various organizations and government have tried to develop their countries in various ways contributing to the implementing of the Millennium Development goals which will mark their final year this year. In Zambia, these goals are being implemented though the efforts cannot be seen at the moment considering the fact that are long term. Zambia hasn’t fully eradicated poverty and hunger according to the first development goals, but there is positive change relating to all the Millennium Development Goals. As these goals, if not all have been passed on to the sustainable development goals, it is evident that there will be a great change and this will achieve global development.

Organizations such as Restless Development, Challenges Worldwide, World Vision, Voluntary Services Overseas, Plan, Irish Aid, and United Nations Development Program among all others are working hand in hand with various organizations, companies and government to help achieve and implement one if not majority of these goals. A positive change is yet to be seen as everybody is willing to achieve these goals.

Youths have the power and zeal to change this world especially if they are given the opportunity, youths are great agents of change and one important observation is that most of these Non-Governmental Organizations are targeting them to help achieve their objectives which in relation to the Sustainable Development goals.

Youths are great advocates and their word makes a difference because they guard their future because their future is in their hands, they are always hopeful even when the countries are having major problems such as disease, unemployment, illiteracy (relating to no or less education opportunities in the country), poverty, gender inequality, water and sanitation problems among others, but the major concern is the rate at which these problems are being reduced or eradicated.

Challenges worldwide is one of the organizations working with youths in areas of economic growth and personal development implementing goal 8 which promotes inclusive and sustainable growth, employment and decent work for all, it  works with youths from different parts of the world and different cultural beliefs, but making them have on goal and achieve as a team.

One recommendation I would like to stress in involving youths in civic participation, give them the power, and see what they will do with it train them, put their words into practice because most of the time, representative of various organization owners ask for youth opinion, but never put their recommendations to test, so as much as it may be a risk, it could bring about positive results, so in trying to achieve these goals, the youths and people’s opinions must be put to test as that could contribute to Global development.

In conclusion, I believe there is hope for change and there is no change without action, so let’s put what is written into practice and involve everyone to be part of this change because everyone suffers and if everybody contributes, everybody will benefit.


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