The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

― Barack Obama


Since 8th July 2015, I have been a volunteer for Challenges Worldwide-International Citizenship Service Entrepreneur (ICS-E). To be  honest, I initially did  not know exactly  what to  expect  and  what  was   expected  of  me  as a  volunteer. Soon however, all my questions and   anxieties   were cleared during our week long training program at the Alumni Center of the   University of Ghana, Accra. Here is an insight into my life   as   a volunteer for the   next 10 weeks.



The first week was   basically an introduction of both United Kingdom Volunteers (UKVs) and In- Country Volunteers (ICVs) and a preview into the   businesses we   would be   consulting for. Meeting  up was  great as   we  played ice breaking  games  to  familiarize  ourselves   with  each  other and  getting to  know  our respective  partners we   would  be  working  with for  the next ten weeks. During  the  week-long  training program we  were taken  through  a workshop on the whole  purpose  of  the   ICS program, rules of the program, security  issues, expected behavior of  the volunteers etc. For the business aspect we also held discussions on managing client relationship, funding for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), finance and   accounting lessons, marketing and going over what objectives must be achieved by the volunteers for their businesses. The July batch of volunteers   have a wide   range of businesses to consult for. Amongst them are a food production company, Baker Boys; Ghana Grains Company which is furthering the interests of its farmers; Jem Afrik clothing and fashion, Mega Nutrition and Fitness, Mummy’s Kitchen which is a  restaurant, Helios Optimum Power Solutions(Solar panel manufacturers), Festel Fruit Juice Enterprise, Meannan Foods, and Leemex Foods.


The day finally arrived when my partner Thomas and I were introduced to the business and business owner that we would be consulting for during the next ten weeks.The meeting was a fruitful one and I soon realized that I would be   working in a clothing manufacturing shop with a specialty in the African Fashion industry.

In the Interim as I waited   for work to commence I bonded with the other in-country volunteers and the UK volunteers. We organized a series of outings and this included us visiting a resort by the seaside known as the Bojo beach resort. This   was a lovely resort having both lake and sea. The   lake was to the   front of the resort and was bordered on both sides by a piece of land Once all volunteers convened   ourselves there   we   sat to enjoy the   breeze and the sun. As part of the activities, we teamed up and played volley ball, beach ball and football. Some of the ladies delightfully picked up shells and walked around admiring crab holes and tiny baby crabs scurrying all over the sand. All too soon we   had   to leave just before   the   beach  bonfire was  lit.It was   sad  that we  couldn’t join in the fun around the  bonfire  but   as   responsible volunteers we had to leave before it got too dark. L.Looking forward to more exciting times   ahead though!


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