A humble home, filled with love and joy

So today marks the official move in date into my beautiful home in Teshie, a vast green and spacious area of Accra, SO close to the beach, with a very loving and smiley aunty Alice, who greeted us with open arms and a huge beam on her face.  After playing tetris with all our bags and piling six into a car we were on our way from Jem Afrik which had served as our home for a week onto pastures new!  Aunty Alice is a warm bundle of joy who makes me feel as though she would listen for hours to my problems over a nice brew.  She promised us she would teach us how to make fufu rice and fried plantain!! Just as we were arriving Aunty Alice told us: ‘It’s a humble home, but filled with love and joy.’  She showed us our rooms (double bed wooo!), cooked us delicious omelettes for breakfast with tea that gave us the pick-me-up we all needed after a crazy night of dancing.  Once again I experienced that warm fuzzy feeling that you only get from meeting a Ghanaian for the first time!   After unpacking my bags and sprawling out in my comfy-but-very-stuffy room, Cecilia singing Beyonce next to me whilst I brush my teeth with delicious Ghanaian toothpaste (which makes you want to brush your teeth for four minutes instead of two), I already feel at home here.  And extremely exhausted!  There is no light until the evening, but who needs light when you have smiley Aunty Alice and a humble home filled with love and joy?