A Zambian Perspective – Placement so far

The following blog is written by one of our Zambian volunteers, Mwale, about her expectations and experience on the ICS program so far.

When I reflect back to what I had in mind about being an ICS volunteer, and then to what the state is right now, I smile and wonder.

I realised that at the placements we go to, we first go with fresh minds full of ideas of what we would like to change in that particular placement. Speaking for myself I had lots of incredible ideas, which I actually still do have, and some that I have already put into practice.

One important thing that had actually slipped my mind though, was the thought of how am I going to engage with the placement staff. Quite all right I know what it is we are supposed to do, but how then do A Zambian perspectiveI put down my ideas.

I laid back and thought about my ideas, ha! Yea, I have so far engaged with the staff – how it still beats me – I didn’t think I would see myself dusting window and mirrors in a guest house but, guess what, that is actually what I am doing.

I realised in order for me to move forward I needed to start from the root. How?  By being part of the daily operations of the staff at Lui guest house. By doing so it is helping me know exactly as to how I can be able to share my ideas.

What’s the point of having all these great ideas if you don’t first know what the organization needs and how they operate.

Wow boy, am I loving what I’m doing – ICS window cleaner entrepreneur! I am going forward with the marketing of a clean environment, good for people to come to, at Lui guest house.

Placement so far beyond the imagination I had.