Brighton – Heathrow – Dubai – Uganda

I started by 15 hour journey stuck in traffic on the M25 on my way to the airport and me being the stress head I am started thinking I’d never make it in time for the plane and that I had fallen at the final hurdle! Of course, I got to the airport with 2 hours to spare, said a bit of an emotional goodbye to my mum and Josh and the journey began.
We all met up in the airport and made our journey through security and started to board the plane. The plane was amazing, it was a double decker plane with TVs in every headrest with SO many films, shows and games to play. We all got given a headset, pillow and blanket and we had a three course meal with unlimited free drinks!

I watched all the Orange is the new black episodes that Josh had downloaded for me, an episode of new girl and Brooklyn 99 and then a few episodes of the office.
We arrived in Dubai after 7 hours flying and no sleep and it was 30 degrees at 6.30am their time.. WAY too hot and the pilot said it was going to reach 40 degrees! Thankfully we didn’t have to hang around for long.
We boarded the plane to Uganda which was only 5 hours but we had all taken the leg room in the first flight for granted as the plane was much smaller and we could barely move our legs! We were all so tired after not sleeping though that most of us managed to doze off.
We arrived in Uganda at 1.50pm and started the journey across the city. We all squeezed into a “taxi” with all of our luggage strapped on top. The journey would take an hour with no traffic but we didn’t arrive at our hotel until 5.30pm. The city is so chaotic, there are way too many people everywhere and there’s a ridiculous number of cars and taxis and moterbikes.
Upon arrival we all had a snack of boiled egg and a banana and met our Ugandan counterparts and then we all went off to our rooms to get showered and changed before dinner.
We have a super busy week planned so I’ll try upload another blog soon!
Until then..
J x


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