Uganda Challenges Worldwide June – August 2015

10 weeks. Kampala. Uganda. Serving a local Business. Volunteering. Community. Agricultural. Poverty. Challenges. Music. Food.Church. Dancing. Host Family. Swahili. Rebecca’s Ugandan Adventure.

I am heading to Kampala, Uganda this summer with Challenges Worldwide (CW). Following a short period of training, I will be immersed in work supporting a small Agricultural farm – coffee bean, banana wine, etc. I imagine it will differ somewhat to the farming I am used to in the Orkneys – where my family had farmed sheep and cattle for over 40 years.

Kampala Hill View

Myself and another volunteer from Uganda will form a partnership with a particular business for a 10 week period. We will assess the difficulties facing the company, develop a plan for rectifying such problems and begin implementing the changes necessary for economic growth. Although my visit is only for 10 weeks, Challenges Worldwide are committed to long term transformation of these businesses. Their work is inspiring and makes a huge difference to many people’s lives.

Uganda is one of the poorest nations in the
world. 38% of people live off $1.25 a day. People in the rural regions of Uganda depend on farming for their main source of income.

To reach my fundraising goal I will be baking many a cake to distribute at church and university, babysitting and hosting a film night! I am also hoping to hike Hadrian’s Wall (50 miles) in only 3 days! Hopefully this may may inspire you to support me! All the money you give will goes to Challenges Worldwide. (So not towards my personal travel expenses). This money is given either directly to support the business projects or to support the scheme itself, so that more young individuals can contribute to the work.

I will live with a host family and be getting involved with all aspects of community life. I am so looking forward to this challenge, having the opportunity to work hard, build strong friendships and bless the people of Uganda.

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 Kampala Sunset