One month to go…

The countdown begins. It’s now exactly one month until I bid farewell to the UK and head off to Kampala, Uganda for 10 weeks.. scary stuff!

My pre-departure preparations are almost done! I’ve had all my injections (not fun), almost reached my fundraising target and my visa has been sent off. It’s all starting to feel a bit too real and the nerves are kicking in.. good nerves though.

During my time in Uganda, I’ll be living with a host family which I am really excited about, albeit a little nervous (what if they don’t like me?!). I’ll also get to live with a Ugandan volunteer which definitely puts me at ease as I’ll have someone who can help teach me a little bit more about the culture.

I’ve got a couple of weeks left until my fundraising deadline and only a couple of hundred £££’s left to raise. I’ve planned a Eurovision sweepstake at my work which will hopefully raise a couple of quid and I’m doing some babysitting for my dad to get the rest of my target.

So, just one month until i’m outta here! I’ve got a lot of shopping to get done!!