Mid Term Review Presentations

Businesses:  DeWaste, Waste Masters and Youth Environmental and Social Enterprise LTD (YESE)

1) DeWaste – Sophie and Maureen

The day began with Sophie and Maureen’s presentation on their work at ‘DeWaste’.  The business is a Kampala based private waste management company, formed in 2012, employing 56 people.  Its services cover three areas: hazardous waste management, cleaning services and domestic waste.

Project Tasks Completed:

  • Developed an internal organisation and governance structure.
  • Carried out market research with potential customers in industrial waste. Resulted in an expansion of the customer base in hazardous waste.
  • Created a website proposal to develop the online presence of the company.
  • Began working on the business plan.

Project Next Steps:

  • Review the hazardous waste collection routes to ensure they are efficient.
  • Develop content for the website.
  • Build on the business planning for cleaning services, ensuring clear objectives are set out.
  • Create promotional materials.
  • Finalise the business plan.

Sophie visiting the hospital for waste collection

Collection trucks

2)  Waste Masters –Naira and Maddy

Naira and Maddy are also working with a private waste management company, based in the eastern suburbs of Kampala.  Waste Masters is a smaller business with 13 employees, and is more focused on domestic and small business collections.  It holds the long term goal of opening a recycling processing plant in Kampala.  This project is being developed in association with the Leveun University in Belgium.

Project Tasks Completed:

  • Conducted market research with local residents in Bweyogere to understand the needs of the market and customers.
  • Carried out research on the industry and competitors to inform the marketing plan.
  • Completed a marketing plan.
  • Observed business operations to ensure complete comprehension of the business.

Project Next Steps:

  • Create promotional materials, with the intention of expanding the customer base.
  • Carry out an after sales service with the customers, to find out more about the customer experience.
  • Review the current finances and recording systems within the company.
  • Complete a five year business plan.

Picture3 Picture4

3) Youth Environmental and Social Enterprise LTD (YESE) – Nawal and Sharon

Nawal and Sharon have been working with YESE, an environmental and social enterprise that seeks to increase the engagement of youths in social businesses.  The primary aim for YESE is to reduce the level of poverty among youths by empowering them with employability skills.  They do this by training youths in Kuroiler chicken handling, and solar power component building. To keep the business afloat, they trade solar power and Kuroiler chickens and eggs.

Project Tasks Completed:

  • Observed daily operations of the business to locate areas of greatest need.
  • Created financial recording systems to monitor income and expenses.
  • Carried out market research, including SWOT analyses, marketing mix analyses and customer surveys.
  • Created a more efficient organisation structure for the company.
  • Began working on the marketing plan and the business plan.

Project Next Steps:

  • Complete the marketing plan and the business plan.
  • Streamline and update the social media avenues.
  • Create a promotional video and leaflets.

Picture5 Picture6


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