Masaka-Mburu Midterm

At the weekend we travelled to Masaka town for a well-deserved mid-term getaway. This was a great chance for us to work together as a whole group, and then enjoy some downtime outside of the hustle and bustle of Kampala.IMG_0019

We spent Friday reflecting on our work so far, and sharing our plans for the next four weeks. Each team presented their business and activities to the whole group, and it was great to see how much everyone has been achieving! It’s sometimes so easy to get bogged down in the negative, as we share our frustrations and challenges with one another every week, but we often forget to share our achievements! I would like to explain a little more about three businesses in a separate blog post, and details of other businesses can be found on the Challenges Worldwide ICS blog site.

The whole team at Lake Mburu

Pens and papers were shuffled away as promptly as possible after work on Friday night, and the weekend break got off to a cracking start with a night out at ‘Ambience’, in Masaka. Quite how they let so many of us in sporting headtorches from the walk down I don’t know…

Morning fog over Masaka – the picture doesn’t do it justice!

On Saturday we visited Lake Mburu National Park and saw some beautiful animals in the wild: zebra, buffalo, crane birds, impala, warthogs and bushbugs. The park was lovely and relaxed, with hardly any other tourists to share it with. In the evening we enjoyed a barbecue at Hotel Zebra, with the ubiquitous Afrobeats blaring alongside.

A crane bird: the national bird of Uganda
Pumbas chilling out..
Katherine and ‘Nana’ Anna on the Equator line

Before heading back on Sunday we chilled at the ‘beach’ by Lake Nabugabo, a small freshwater lake, which separated from Lake Victoria some time ago due to a solidifying sand dune. As there were no parasites we even got to have a little swim, bliss! There was agreement across the board about how enjoyable the weekend away was, and with heavy hearts (and sleepy heads) we boarded the bus back to Kampala on Sunday evening. We’re halfway through our work placements now: there’s plenty to do before the end and time is ticking along quickly!


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