Seven Seasons

Joel and Zac have been working with Isaac, at his small banana juice company, Seven Seasons. Isaac decided to start his own banana juice business after working for one of the larger juice production companies for many years, and is still predominantly involved in the production as well as management of the business and marketing of the product. His banana juice is 100% natural, with no added sugar or preservatives, and I can vouch that it is super delicious!

Some achievements to date:

  • 40% complete Business Plan and 25% complete Marketing Plan
  • Produced ‘implementation guides’ about how to effectively use a Cash Book, Sales and Purchases Ledger, Order Records and Production Records.
  • Persuaded the owner to separate his business and personal finances (which is a very important achievement here!)

Some plans for the weeks ahead:

  • Finish Business Plan and Marketing Plan
  • Implement record-keeping
  • Finally, review branding and create new, more attractive label for the product

LANIC – “the home of handmade organic paper and paper products”

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 09.59.24

Patrick, Pauline and Amy have been consulting at LANIC Enterprises Ltd, a paper factory that aims to “use handmade paper products and save the environment”. The beautiful, coloured paper is made from recycling natural fibres, such as banana fibres, pineapple tops, cotton fibres, rice straw, and recycled paper. From this, the business creates a range of value-added products, which they sell mainly to individuals. These include picture frames, gift boxes, notebooks, visitor books, cards, desk organisers and wine boxes (any requests?!).

Some achievements to date:

  • Separated the two businesses under the umbrella company: LANIC paper factory and LANIC printing company.
  • Secured a consignment in a local supermarket
  • Re-activated the website
  • Implemented a financial recording system, where there was none previously

Some plans for the weeks ahead:

  • Create a catalogue of goods and barcode the products
  • Write job descriptions for key staff to be hired in the future
  • Finalise Market Research and construct a Business Plan

Volcano Coffee

Untitled Untitle2d

Vickie and Anna are working for Volcano Coffee, a small enterprise with two key strands: a café in the city centre, and production and sale of ground coffee to the gourmet market. Their coffee is served at 10 venues in Kampala, including the café run by the owner in the Farmer’s Federation offices. The business’ aim is to provide a high quality coffee product and service, using beans farmed in the five coffee regions of Uganda, with focus on providing benefits at each stage of the coffee production chain: from the crop to the cup. In this way, the enterprise also focuses on training youth and women in value addition and quality control, and they would like to launch into the retail sector. Anna’s highlight of the programme so far has to be her visit to the coffee seedling farmer out in the countryside! Vickie has also been the first Ugandan volunteer to secure further employment, and after the placement she will stay on Volcano Coffee café staff team.

Some achievements to date:

  • Designed new promotional tools, including a banner, menu and flyer.
  • Increased sales at the café through implementation of these promotional materials
  • Developed simple financial tools for the café

Some plans for weeks ahead:

  • Implement basic financial tools in the café, such as a Receipt Book, Cash Book, and Monthly Summary, whilst training staff in proper practice.
  • Develop a clear branding for the launch of the retail product, and design packaging labels.
  • Develop a sales pitch and use this when meeting with potential buyers within the gourmet sector.Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.33.14

For more details of other businesses that we’re working with on this programme, please see similar blog posts on the ICS Challenges Worldwide blog site!


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