Coffee, banana juice and honey businesses

Coffee Quality Assurance – Heini and Clare

Heini and Clare’s business is called Coffee Quality Assurance Limited, which manufactures, distributes and sells high quality coffee under its brand name MyCheckmate coffee, and has a MyCheckmate Café at Kyambogo University. The business also aims to eventually promote and facilitate the manufacture, processing and distribution of high quality coffee within Uganda, through consulting services.

The business is incubated by CURAD, and has recently received funding, which it is investing in new equipment and renovation.

MyCheckmate Cafe at Kyambogo University

Tasks achieved:

  • Working on business plan which includes market research, competitor analysis, customer analysis and SWOT analysis
  • Financial planning including budgeting, sales forecasts and breakeven analysis
  • Financial reporting for sales, purchases, inventory and wages
  • Creating a business proposal for a new potential customer
  • Writing a job description for a new position

Next steps:

  • Complete business plan, including financial projections
  • Consumer research through questionnaires
  • Complete the implantation of financial record keeping systems
  • Complete the marketing plan
Heini and Clare
Heini and Clare with the business owner


FLONA Commodities – Magic and Maria

FLONA Commodities is a family run social enterprise, processing dried fruits, pulps and juices for retail, whilst also training farmers in organic agricultural practices. The company was founded by Stephen Isiko Nabongo and his wife Florence Nabongo. Hence the name FLO-NA (ahhh). FLONA is incubated by Afribanana Products

Tasks achieved:

  • Almost completed the external business plan
  • Completed SWOT analysis and operations and supply chain analysis
  • Analysis of financial systems
  • Working on marketing plan
  • Convinced business owner to allow juice to cool a further 10 degrees before bottling, allowing the plastic bottles to retain more of their shape
FLONA bottles
FLONA banana juice bottles

Next steps:

  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Strategic management review
  • Employee operations and processes training

 Ka Tutandike Ltd – Ziporah and Gwenno

Ziporah and Gwenno have been working together at Ka Tutandike Ltd (aka KaTu), a company set up to produce and sell premium quality honey, with the aim to use the funds to support Ka Tutandike Uganda, a charity providing facilities for Early Childhood Development centres which benefit vulnerable children in Uganda. KaTu also intends to support vulnerable small holder farmers within Uganda with the training and resources needed in order to produce and sell their own honey. These vulnerable farmers are mainly women who are disabled or have HIV. KaTu is incubated by Enterprise Uganda.

KaTu Honey
KaTu Honey

Tasks achieved:

  • Completed the business diagnostic and review. This is the first thing that all volunteers must complete upon entering their business
  • Conducted internal research to identify key organisational issues
  • Carried out external market research, including using questionnaires on potential customers and other ICSE volunteers
  • Drafted a marketing plan, identifying possible marketing strategies, ready for internal review by the company

Next steps:

  • Complete the marketing plan.
  • Complete the business plan.
  • Compile a communications document for all staff
  • Begin to implement marketing strategies, including social media

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