Week 6

I wasn’t sure how time would play out while I was here, whether it would s l o w l y drag or rapidly fly by. I am still not sure how it has been; there hasn’t been one overwhelming feeling. At times it has felt like we’ve been here forever but not in a bad way. All I know right now is that we have really settled into our life working at Asarco and living in Accra.

Our 6th week with our business was spent mainly conducting market research and working on our market plan.

  • We visited the final supermarket outlet and gave out our questionnaires but this time without the tasters. We even persuaded two people to buy the product!!
  • We also conducted market research at University of Ghana, as every pair was responsible for manning the stall at the Uni’s refresher week. We took this opportunity to give out tasters whilst signing people for the next cycle- killing two birds with one stone.
  • Now that the market research is over, we have to gather all the data and analyse our findings. This information will be incorporated into out marketing plan as one of our final deliverables. With little time left, we are trying to ensure that we are meeting our internal deadlines especially as you cannot rely on the power situation!
Laura and Frank at the refreshers stall
Laura and Frank at the refreshers stall

This week we also had visitors from ICS and Challenges Worldwide who came to see the work we have been doing. On Monday, Kofi and I were visited by ICS at our business to get pictures of us in action- our modelling careers have begun (sweat and all)! The latter half of the week, Challenges came to see us and record promotional videos for the programme.

Everybody loves a good surprise and so for Andy’s birthday on that week we threw him a surprise birthday! Andy’s host family were great in helping us arrange the day and most importantly hosting the party at their house! After a relatively long CMI training on Saturday and filming for Challenges Worldwide, I had the task to distract Andy and so we went to the mall for a well deserved ice cream, while the others rushed to Andy’s host home. I can honestly say he had no idea what was going. So when he walked into the house and everybody rushed out of a very cramped room and screamed SURPRISE, his face was absolutely priceless! Good food, good music and good company… all in all a very successful night! After a long and busy week, Sunday was the perfect excuse to head to the beach and a lot of the group welcomed a swim in the warm ocean water– I can’t swim so I just dipped my toes in the water! We are approaching the end fairly quickly so we are trying to make sure all our work is done thus my blogs haven’t been as frequent and as detailed but hopefully I will rectify this soon!

Baywatch-esque at the beach
Andy’s Birthday
Birthday Food
Cake. Cake. Cake.

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