It’s always so bittersweet!

Only 10 days left to go and as always when leaving somewhere it is bittersweet!

This week we have been finalising our strategic development plan for our company to continue to use once we leave, with guidelines on how to implement specific systems and plans in order for the company to continue to grow.

As I get excited to see my family and friends in the UK, I can’t help but already start to count all the many things I’ll miss in Ghana. Firstly, the ease of stepping outside and being able to get a trotro (bus) every few minutes or negotiating with taxi drivers for cheaper rates (personally one of my favourite things to do) to taking the twins to school before heading to work. I’ve even come to love banku and fufu, a food so different to anything you will ever try in the UK but mix it with some tilapia or peanut butter soup and you get one extremely delicious meal.

….I would love to continue writing this blog but as I said I only have just over a week left and there is so much to see and do while I need to make the most of being around all the amazing people I’ve met.


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