I can’t believe I’m halfway through the programme!

This experience has gone so fast between work, seeing this incredible country and living with two toddlers!

Work has continued on with our team having to consistently change our approach as the owner of Neff Soap changes her mind on how she wants things done….she wants to be trained…she want the girls to be trained….she doesn’t want the girls to be trained….she wants them to be trained. Exhausting but it means that every day we literally don’t know what is going to be happening…and our skills in resilience have been improved to the max.

However, in between working hard I’ve been exploring Ghana. Visiting national parks, Cape Coast Castle, the beaches and markets.  It is always so busy and hectic I love it. Words cannot describe how incredible this place is, you just have to come and explore it yourself.

Last but not least, is my wonderful host family! Aunti Vida never fails to fill me up with great local food and using my right hand to eat has become second nature…a confusing task at the beginning for a lefty. While the twins are always a bright and early wake up call, who needs an alarm clock?


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