Note to self

It amazes me at how quickly this experience is going. It seemed not long ago we packed our suitcases for a new journey that had awaited us across the globe, so it’s almost unbelievable that we’ll soon be packing our suitcases again to go home.

As I sit and reflect I quickly become a few things come to mind, which I will go on to share.

You don’t and will never know it all

Being humble to experiences, and accepting that you will never know it all is a good attitude to adopt. Now, don’t go playing dumb, but give yourself space to grow. Skills based volunteering programs are a great initiative, but in our zeal to impart a thing or two on others, we sometimes underestimate the skills we can develop in the process.

The importance of keeping an open mind

Being in a different country; experiencing a different culture, tradition, and way of life. Allowing the differences to broaden you and not limit you is a skill- an invaluable skill that can help in several scenarios both personally and professionally. Not always mistaking how you’ve always known things to be done for, how it should be done will always serve you well.

Don’t forget to have fun

Often we work so hard we forget to have fun. Leaving us almost mechanical, it becomes difficult to think of what it would be like to do something out of the norm’. I think using the term YOLO is fitting for this right?.

There’s more I can elaborate on but I hope the little I’ve shared gives good insight. I guess this post is dedicated to the wonderers, the inquisitive and the passionate.

The journey continues.


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