Hendos and Yam Chips

From Fried Fish to Fufu: The Wonderful Food of Ghana

I have been in Accra for nearly four weeks now and one thing I am really enjoying about being here has to be the food. Now this may be due to the immense culinary skills of Auntie Mina, (a caterer who also used to run restaurants back in the day) but a lot of the delicacies and everyday meals are absolutely delicious wherever you go. One thing is for certain, you need to be able to take your spice as most dishes heavily feature pepper (pronounced pepay and what we in the UK know as Scotch Bonnet pepper).

Chicken Stew and Rice
Possibly the nicest, most tender chicken I have ever eaten

So despite nearly always inducing a massive dab on, I have thoroughly enjoyed sampling the delights of Ghanaian cuisine with dishes like Light Soup and Fufu, Red Red, Yam Chips (with added Hendos Relish), Fried Plantain, Chicken Stew, Fried Redfish, Okro Soup and much more. A special mention must go to Fufu. A real favourite amongst Ghanaians and often had on Sunday. Fufu is a mixture of Cassava and Plantain (or sometimes coco yam) pounded down to form a thick, dense sort of paste. The only way I can describe to an English person is ‘smooth, extremely heavy mash’. Fufu is typically eaten with a spicy soup of chicken or other meat and whilst it was difficult to move around after, it was absolutely delicious and a nice twist on my usual Sunday Lunch! A lot of the dishes are cooked slowly for many hours so they take on a large complexity of flavours with meat that melts in the mouth. Most Ghanaians clean their plate, bones and all, and when it tastes this good you can see why!

pounding fufu
The fufu pounding process expertly demonstrated by Collins and Rita
Peanut Chicken and Fufu
The much coveted Fufu with chicken in a peanut sauce. Seriously good

As well as having great local cuisine that you can find on practically every street corner with food stands and ‘Chop Bars’ dotted around, there  is also a rich selection of International cuisine in Accra. One such place I tried last weekend is the DNR Turkish Grill in East Legon. The Restaurant is large and airy and with an open kitchen where Turkish chefs bake traditional fresh bread and grill a fantastic array of meat. I’m a big fan of Turkish food and this place definitely was up there with some of the best I’ve had in Turkey. As often happens, we plumped for the mixed grill with a side of freshly made hummus. Everything was delicious and ending the meal with some traditional Turkish tea was also a great little touch. I will almost certainly be returning before I head back!

DNR Turkish
DNR Turkish – authentic cuisine and plenty of it!

Other places I’m yet to try are the highly rated Simret Ethiopian restaurant and an Indian place called Veda. I will be sure to report back so keep watching the blog for updates on this.

Our Meeting with Gifty Anti

As I mentioned in the last blog post, we attended a lecture at the British Council a couple of weeks ago concerning diversity in the workplace in Ghana. One of the panellists was the broadcast journalist and fierce champion of women’s rights, Gifty Anti. Gifty presents the topical debate show The Standpoint which is broadcast weekly on GTV. Like the others on the speaking panel, Gifty was extremely inspiring and after the lecture we approached her about the possibility of featuring Gogurt on the show.

Gifty was very warm and receptive to the idea and shared Penta Foods’ passion for increasing dairy intake amongst children. On Tuesday, Lloyd, Collins and I were delighted to visit Gifty at her offices, GDA Concepts where we learnt more about the show and discussed a possible media partnership. It was great to see a very professional setup first hand and we were delighted with the outcomes from the meeting. Naturally, we will be sure to keep you all up to date with developments as and when.

Meeting Gifty Anti
Meeting TV Show host and Journalist Gifty Anti

Until next time!

PS. Apologies for my terrible food photography. Must try harder!

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