Week 2

After saying our emotional goodbyes to the rest of the team I and Ali headed up to Weija where we would work and live. We finally met our host family after a long drive from East Legon, Auntie Vida, Uncle Diddy and the twins.  We got settled and had some homemade Banku and stew, which we devoured before Uncle Diddy took us to the beautiful Bojo Beach around the corner from us. Once it got dark we returned to the house in order to get settled in and prepare for our first day at the office.

On our first day, we left home with Auntie Vida and dropped the twins off at school, before we continued the walk up to the Neff Soap office. Where we were greeted warmly by Auntie Nerissa, the owner of the company after she arrived late thus the African time. We began discussing the challenges for Neff Soaps long term growth and how were hopefully going to achieve reducing these challenges by the end of the 9 weeks.

The week continued to be hot, hard work and a lot of fun but we are both settled into our office cracking on with our action plans to push this business to the next level. Weekend finally came and then we went over to East Legon to meet the guys for a hangout. We once again prepared ourselves on Sunday to face another week.


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