Training and getting our feet wet…

Following our arrival we were thrown (head first) into very informative and intense training

sessions, from Marketing, Finance to Planning. We were given the ins and outs of business not just in
Ghana but globally. Paired with incredibly insightful guest speakers – chosen by the wonderful Esi.
We were given an academic and real life perspective into business, finding out how we would fit into
our businesses and the economy in Ghana.

What I felt was most interesting about the business was seeing everyone’s strengths and their desire
to learn more, sharing knowledge and generally having a forum that was only limited by time. To our
benefit we were allowed to learn and understand more about the culture through training, little
things about one another and a lot about some of our businesses. Whilst interaction may have been the
thing on all our minds, we were allowed to learn a lot before we began work.

As training drew to a close we took a tour of the beautiful University of Ghana campus and got to see
‘Accra at Night’ which was a breathtaking spectacular view of Accra from the grand hall, which was
Our work finally began the week after, bright and early on a monday morning. Following the hectic
traffic on spintex road. Eben and I finally made it to Medina – arriving at the Quarco Initiatives
office, for our first meeting.

After hearing about all the current issues produce in Ghana faces and the work in Quarcoo and his
team had put into changing the lifestyles of many Ghanaians we were ready to support the Marketing
team, due to recent changes and approaches. Quin Organics – Fruit Juice had been seeking a marketing
revamp, faced with issues of varying tastes on the local market. We chose to focus on market research
and rebranding of the fruit juice, which helped us begin our plans for the 8 weeks we had left.

– Julie


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