My name is Eben and I am very happy and proud to be part of the international citizenship service because of its focus on sustainable development by empowering and building the capacity of young people in developing countries to drive the development agenda of their own countries as well as providing technical assistance to small and medium enterprises to help them grow and meet the developmental needs of the people.

My first week in ICS has really been an eye opener to me because I have learnt so much about the developmental needs of my country which I had been oblivious to prior to me joining ICS. I’ve been really empowered to take action to help make a change in Ghana.

My experience with the UK volunteers has been awesome.  I’ve really learnt a lot about British culture and how different it is from our Ghanaian culture.  I’ve learnt a lot about their lifestyle, their food, and their language especially the scots. We as Ghanaians have also taught them things about our culture especially our food, language, dance, especially, our famous azonto dance. I’m very happy they like most of our foods and are really trying their best to learn a little bit of our language within this short time. They have also adopted some Ghanaian names which I think is really great. We’ve also had the opportunity to visit some places like the university of Ghana campus, some neighborhoods in Accra, among others together before we all leave for our various homestays.  We’ve also had lots of fun at home playing games which we were not aware of and they taught us how to play especially some really difficult brainteasers.

To sum it up my experience with ICS for the first week has been a lot learning and fun for me and I hope to learn more and have more fun for the remaining period that we have to be together as well as beyond that period


(posted on behalf of Ebenezer Dzeke)


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