Training Week

Our week began with some orientation issues on Monday. We played a game in which we had to identify our counterparts. I am working with Evelyn, who has a bachelors in business computing and is currently studying for her masters in business administration. We were finally given information on the businesses we have been assigned to. Evelyn and I are working with Afri- jewellery, who produce jewellery from paper beads made from banana fibres. We have been given their business diagnostics but they are fairly brief- we hope to find out more when we visit the business next week.

The majority of our business training was conducted by George Tumwesigye, who is a professional business consultant. He introduced us to the 8 stages of the consultancy phase:
1. Explanatory meeting
2. Contract development
3. Setup/ work plan
4. Data collection
5. Data analysis
6. Presentation
7. Implementation
8. Review & evaluation
We discussed these in further email, along with other concepts such as the strategic planning process. We had an introducing discussion on the differences between consulting in the EU and Africa. Our workshop on business planning covered how to write a mission and vision statement, executive summary, production plan and many other components. We then learnt how to compile these to form a business plan.

In additional to business operations, we also received training in finance and accounting. We were taught how to create and use a budget, cash flow projection, cash request form and balance sheet.
Our sales and marketing training, led by Komskech Prince, was more hands on. We used the little information we had on our businesses to identify our target customers, the products key features, competitors and pricing/promotion/distribution strategies. We can use these techniques to create the marketing plan within our business plan. Overal I think the training was highly beneficial – we would have been clueless going into our businesses without it.


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