First Impressions

After an award winning run through Heathrow airport to make my 15 minute flight connection due to flight delays I somehow managed to meet the rest of the UK volunteers at the gate and make my flight to Accra. Sadly my luggage was not so lucky. Accepting defeat that my luggage wouldn’t show up Ami, Nikki and a few others met us at the airport to take us back to Auntie Tina and Uncle John’s home where we were met by mannequins at the entrance during light out. The food is great but there is so much. All the UK volunteers are struggling to finish the meals.

This was followed by walk around Teme station the next day and trip to Jamestown lighthouse before meeting the rest of the Ghanaians. Reunited with my suitcase. Life is good.

Training began on Sunday at the University of Ghana bright and early, with long days for everyone. Where me and my partner Ali began planning our work for Neff Soap business issues from website design to export regulations.

We left our training week feeling prepared and ready to take our businesses to the next level. This was naturally celebrated out in Accra, which did not disappoint.

I’ll upload some pictures soon!


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