Greetings From Accra, Ghana!

Hello, My names William, I’m 23 and from Edinburgh. I am currently in Accra, Ghana on an ICSE placement with Challenges Worldwide.

I arrived on Friday 4th of October and looking back – the week has flown by. When we arrived on Friday we were introduced to all of our Ghanian counterparts and taken to a family who would host us for the first week which was training week. As it was late and their was a power cut [A very common occurrence in Ghana] we mostly all went to bed straight way. The next day our Ghanian counterparts had to undergo a training day already completed by the UK volunteers, this meant that we had a chance to spend a day seeing Accra.

My first impressions of Ghana is that it is a bit of a surreal place to be, there is literally something interesting and often bizarre happening on every street corner. The people are also all extremely friendly and welcoming, especially our host family.

After the day exploring Ghana, we launched straight into our training week which was both intensive and educational but also enjoyable. From exploring how business works in Ghana, to refreshing our minds on business planning and marketing, a lot of areas were covered. A range of speakers who are experts in their fields came to talk to us and we got to hear from a wide variety of people.

During the training week we were also given the details of the business we would be working with and who are Ghanian partners would be. For me I will be working with Felix who’s from just outside of Accra and we will be working with a company called ‘Fresh Logistics’ which is an agricultural business that specialises in buying and selling fruit and vegetables. The business sounds exciting and we will be aiding them in creating both a marketing plan and business plan, both of which they currently don’t have.

The internet café I am in is closing now so unfortunately that’s all I can write today! Future blogs shall have more detail!

All the best from Ghana!



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